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Our people have taken up using Direct Debit. It seems to be working real well why would we need to move to a giving platform like Generous anyway?

Great question! 

We get this asked regularly.

  • Do you remember 5 years earlier? 
  • Most people were giving by cash? 
  • Why change to Direct Debit? 

Then Direct Debit made it easier to give, for some (on regular wages).

Some churches feel that when you’re on a winner don’t rock the boat. And we whole-heartily agree – keep people giving! We don't want to stop that. 

Equally, it’s important to remember that the more ‘giving’ channels (ways to give) people have the more people will be inclined to give. And research shows us that this accounts for around an additional 80-85% of ‘other’ people (non-givers, infrequent, irregular givers) in your congregation. 

Given that the Generous platform is a very low-cost platform for a church to use, and the many giving channels (x 6), including a Direct Debit module, the opportunity far outweighs any cost.

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