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Does it help save time on things like receipting and reconciliation?

Yes. It lightens your load. 

Interestingly, the most significant feedback we have received from Senior Church operational and financial personnel on Generous is,

  • The ability to automate, track and report on giving has been very attractive
  • Finance teams have been encouraged about the time savings 
  • It cuts down considerable amount of manual and time consuming processing of cash & direct deposits, in particular. 
  • The reason many churches have ended up using a platform and asking givers to move from paying by EFT, or by direct deposits to paying via the platform (using Credit Card & Direct Debit) was that information was easier to track and report on 
    • For example, "Which missionary did you want to give to?" or "Which fund?"
    • Was it a single amount of money that’s given but needs to be split into tax deductible and non-tax deductible gifts?
    • Plus the need for managing receipting, manual follow-ups, phone calls, emails was made remarkably easier.

Generous provides a very low cost, time saving, and cost reducing solution for your church. Oh, and makes you look pretty good reporting to the Board/Presbytery.

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