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How do we help our people change?

Many of your people are the already die-hard ‘regular’ givers. However, research shows us that their numbers are declining rapidly. The risk is you will slowly lose those givers over time. So helping them change is helpful.

Teaching our congregations and helping them give 'beyond' the church service is a great start.

Some churches ask their congregation to make their first deposit Monday morning, not a cup of coffee, rather, their faithful gift to the Lord.

They can do this using Generous.

Generous also makes it easier for Millennials to give. One church, full of Millennials, doesn’t take up direct offerings at church. They teach the importance of giving to God’s work and actually ask people to give during the week! They have taught on the discipleship principle of giving faithfully to the Lord.

Times are changing – we need to be smart how we approach this issue in light of the decline and sporadic nature of church attendance. The great opportunity GENEROUS provides is that your members can give away from the weekend church service.

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