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Does an SMS giver get the option of which fund/campaign to give to?

Yes. You as the Admin have the Ability to set-up one or more giving campaigns - we call them FUNDS. FOr example, your general tithing account ('tithes'). You may wish to have Missions ('missions'), a Guest Speaker ('guest'), building fund ('building'), First-Fruits weekend ('firstfruits') or any customisable descriptor like ‘MySwitzerlandMissionsTrip’ which someone gives to.

So they open > contacts on their phone, > select the church mobile giving number we provide you > msg the following… “tithes 100” > SEND. A msg returns along the lines of “Thank you for your gift to TITHES of $100 is this correct? Please reply ‘YES’ to make payment.” > The user replies ‘Yes’ and a receipt is sent to their email account and a thank you is msg’d. Immediately after they can send another msg, “firstfruits 60”, then “guest 20” and finally “MySwitzerlandMissionsTrip 800” and the system will follow suit.

Type in ‘history’ and a list of recent payments will be shown.

It’s a really easy, freeing way to give.

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