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What keywords?

Possibly one of the best attributes of the Generous Church Giving Platform is its ability to quickly set-up a KEYWORD campaign for directed giving.

Lets' say you have a surprise guest choir from Africa coming to sing this Sunday. 

At 4 PM on Friday afternoon your Senior Pastor says we need to take up an offering for them and their Africa Feeding Project. A tax-deductible program.

No stress.

Take a few moments to create a new Fund in Generous (see Create a new Fund) and allocate the fund to your DGR Community Projects Bank Account (a previously set-up tax Deductible Gift Recipient bank account). Select the Fund to be a DGR Fund. The system will automatically send givers a tax-deductible PDF receipt via email and deposit funds into the Fund.

When you set up the Fund you get a chance to allocate (create) a new KEYWORD for Text to Give. Choose up to 20 custom KEYWORDS in the Generous System. Let's say 'AFRICA'.

On Sunday morning after the choir sings and the church has been blessed lifting high the name of Jesus, you can invite people to give. For all who used the Generous system before this is just a few clicks on their phone. For new givers, this will require some basic contact details (name, email, number) and their credit card details - only once.

You can throw to a PowerPoint or image template like this.

  • Text --> AFRICA 120 (or whatever amount you want to give)
  • To your Church's Generous Mobile Number --> 04## ### ###
  • (The user follows the prompt to approve replying "Y" for Yes)

Its' that simple.

Your church has now responded simply, generously, and at the moment. A few days later your treasurer can transfer the gift from your DGR bank account to the African Food Project account with full records and receipting. Done.

You can even schedule the KEYWORD/FUND to turn off a day or week after the event for people who want to give later.

For those who don't have a phone to give or no cash, they can use the church IPADs in the foyer in Kiosk mode like an EFT machine.

Rather than just a few coins in the offering bag, people will be open and willing to give a little more for a great cause.

Keywords can be used for guest speakers, events, building funds, projects, programs, youth, welfare, missions, just about everything you can think of. And it's really simple.

Better still. Use it for General Tithes and Offerings.

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