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Is it really worth moving across to Generous from another provider?

There are some great benefits worth considering for making the change to Generous. The feedback we've received to date is,

  • The significant cost savings. Churches have been delighted to save hundreds and thousands of dollars each month. Releasing funds back into the church’s mission budget to change more lives. 
  • Generous has Direct Debit automation and management build in - whereas the other major providers don't. This matters when it comes to managing anonymous deposits in your bank account and having to move money around. 
  • Many churches have told us they are saving around a day in admin staff time and cost
  • Generous has Text to Register built in making event bookings easy
  • Our onboarding team help bring care to the integration and launch journey 
  • Generous is Aussie made for Australian churches

Sometimes a church board or engaged stakeholders are resistant to change. For many of our under-resourced faith communities change comes at a price and has a real impact. We understand. 

That's why our Onboarding team will help carry the load and work with you to get the job done. Just let us know how we can help you.

There are a number of good questions to ask when there's resistance to change. A couple are, “Are we being a good steward of our tithes & income?” Or, “What will be the significant ongoing costs our church will incur in not changing?” Land on a decision and take it from there. Let us know if we can help.

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