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I'm not getting any reply when SMS/Text Giving or SMS/Text Registering?

There may be a few causes why you haven't had any response from your Text to Give or Text to Register system.

  • Firstly, check that the phone number you sent the SMS/TXT to is correct. It should be a typical 10 digit Australian mobile number format 04XX XXX XXX. Your church staff can provide this to you - or check your church website.
  • You may want to check your keyword spelling. If the keyword is spelt incorrectly or does not exist you will receive a message from the system informing you so. Send a SMS/TXT "keywords" to your church giving number to discover if the keyword exists or how it is spelt. 
  • Check your format/syntax. Make sure you start with the keyword (e.g., "give...") then add a space, then a whole number (e.g., "give 85") for giving.
  • For events, start with the event keyword and DO NOT include any space or amount. (e.g., "camp" > SEND)
  • Another cause for slow response may be due to latency or network delays on your mobile carriers network. SMS/Texting uses different mobile technology than web data and voice and may be experiencing latency issues for various reasons. Please contact your mobile carrier for further information or support.
  • A final check is, has your phone been correctly verified? If not, your text to give functionality will not work. In this case delete the Generous App, restart your phone and install the Generous App again using your account details. Follow these instructions.
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