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Adding a new or editing an existing fund

In Generous, you can set up a fund, i.e. your church's financial project that the incoming money will go to.

  1. Click Organization >  Active Funds > + Fund
  2. Type in the fund's name, and choose its type, Donation, or Payment. 
  3. Select the bank account and whether the fund is tax-deductible or not.
  4. Select Yes to make the fund active. 
  5. Fill in additional information, and click Save
  6. To view the new fund you have added, click Active Funds again, and remember to select its corresponding type from the Type drop-down list
  7. Choose a campus, and select the Active check-box next to the fund's name

The fund is now listed in the Active Funds area: now when your congregants click Payments (or Donations) menu item displayed in the smartphone app or online, they would be able to select that specific fund you had configured

Note: If you are planning to set up financial goals in Generous, you must select Donation from the Type list. Note also that the fund's name will become part of the public URL for a campaign, for example "General Ministry" in the web address below:
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