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Setting up SMS text gifts

With Generous, you can choose to receive incoming gifts via a text / SMS message


  • You have configured a campus and a fund (for details about how to set up a fund, see Adding a new fund)
  • A giver has already created an account in Generous, contributed their first gift (by specifying credit/debit card details) and provided his/her mobile number. You can verify that on the Members page: People > Members > Edit. Note that you cannot view the giver's credit card number or any other financial information (it is stored on the server in a tokenized form)
  1. Click Organisation > Keywords > Add Keyword 
  2. Type in a short keyword (e.g. EventOnCampus1, etc), choose a campus, transaction type, and the fund's name
  3. Click Save
  4. Navigate back to the Edit Keywords page, and make sure your church's number is listed in "Text To Give Number"

The person contributing a financial gift can now text the keyword to your church's phone number (in step 4) without having to provide their credit card details, and the corresponding amount will be automatically deducted from his/her Generous account

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