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What’s the difference between a Dedicated Phone Number and a Shared Phone Number when it comes to Text to Give?

Each standard Generous subscription comes with a unique mobile phone number allocated by our system to your church. We call this a "dedicated" phone number.

While we would recommend every church have a "dedicated" number we are able to provide smaller, pioneer churches with a "shared" mobile giving number. Although this requires one additional step for the giver / user in the 'Text to Give' giving process.

To explain further,

  • The 'Dedicated Number' is your churches exclusive mobile phone number which members send one text to, e.g., 'tithes 100'. This is a one-step process. One phone number allocated to one church, yours.
  • The 'Shared Number' is a common mobile phone number used by many (usually smaller) churches. The church gives this multi-church number to their church members. When the giving moment occurs the member first has to identify the church by sending a system-defined text identifier to that mobile number, e.g., 'mycommunitychurch'. This identifies their church. They then receive a reply SMS affirming their church. Then, they send the class and amount, e.g., tithes 100. This is a two-step process. The 'Shared Number' is one phone number allocated to many churches.

While this is a great option for the smaller pioneer church we would recommend keeping the giving process as simple as possible by choosing the standard Generous subscription with its 'Dedicated Number'.

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