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Password and Login Security

The Generous Admin Portal (backend) enables Church Super Admins to create new roles-based Admins as required.

The process involves,

  1. Creating a new Admin (employee) profile including defining their areas for access (User Permissions)
  2. The system sending the new Admin a welcome email 
  3. The employee following the link and logging in using the prescribed username and system password/key for a one-time login
  4. The Admin will then need to reset their system password

From therein no access to any passwords is available by Admins even when resetting their password. 

Please note: Admins cannot create their own accounts. It is necessary for the Super Admin to create your account and, as a third-party, provide you a password to access your account.  

Resetting a Password

To reset your password,

  1. On your Church Admin Portal login page click Forgot Password
  2. Provide your account username
  3. A system email will be sent to the user with a 'Reset Your Password' link (see below)
  4. This is a one-time-only reset link (once reset it no longer works)

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