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Three Keys to a Successful Migration from Another Payment System

There are three keys to a successful migration from your former payment donation system.

Key #1: Regular Communication 

Email your users frequently to remind them to switch over to Generous with links to sign-up to Generous.

Give them a time based deadline of the switch over. We recommend a shorter deadline of 4-6 weeks to give a sense of urgency. Remember, a clearly articulated deadline helps with purposeful action from users.

Check out a template we’ve written for you to use! View here

Key #2: Import Users

When you intentionally reach-out to your existing users you will experience a better take-up rate.

As a user, you are entitled to export data from your exiting payment system. When you provide our team with the following data we can then manage the import of all your existing users into Generous.

Please do the following:

Export your donors - in, for example, Pushpay, they are called Community Members

Key #3: Switch Contracts

If you are on a fixed contract you may be able to switch to a month to month contract in preparation for migration. Check your contract details.

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