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Change Log : December 2020 to February 2021

We've launched some enhancements and fixes into our platform. Here are the latest for the period of December 2020 to February 2021.


Improve Credit Card Info Checks (GEN-809)

When a credit card payment is proceed, our platform performs checks to get details from the issuing bank to ensure details provided are valid and the card is valid. Our platform usual performs recurring gifts in batches on the due date and situation existed where a batch of credit card payments could have contained an invalid credit card which caused delays to other payments in the batch. We've improved our system process to ensure all valid payments proceed without delay.  Also, we're checking credit card validity earlier and notify your givers to update their details if needed so there is no impact to their recurring gift.


Church Export button not working (GEN-791)

Unfortunately something went wrong with the export button and as such user were not able to export information. This bug has been squashed!

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